Friday, November 2, 2012

They’re Everywhere!

By Paul Dugan, Groovy Reflections Team Member

Peanut M&M’s are my favorite candy and when my daughter was really little, she had a quarter and wanted to buy Daddy something for Christmas “with her own money”. She bought a bag of Peanut M&M’s. 

I was properly touched and I guess she remembered it because the following year, sure enough, another bag of peanut M&M’s was under the tree. And so the tradition continued.

Then, when she was older and earning money at a part-time job, the package under the tree was much larger. When I opened this one there was a large yellow M&M dude sitting in a recliner! Open the chair in the back and press the recline lever and the sweet treats were magically dispensed! I had received my first M&M collectible.

The following year, another dispenser: This time Red & Yellow at a 3-D movie with a bowl of popcorn between them, where the candies were dispensed. The collection began to grow. More Christmas’s and more dispensers; now I too was on the hunt for dispensers I didn’t have.

Somewhere along the way the collection expanded, although dispensers were and still are the focal point of my collection; I branched into other M&M collectibles, radios, telephones, electric lights, and a cuckoo clock were a few of the electronic collectibles that were added. I also added cookie jars; pose able figurines, and stuffed characters and an M&M Monopoly game.

Every year the collection continues to grow and I continue to add shelves in my computer room to accommodate more and more of my ever evolving group of colorful characters.

What’s really neat is seeing the looks of wonder and amazement when my grandchildren visit; they stare up at the shelves that go nearly to the ceiling, all filled with Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown and soon Purple figures all engaged in various activities. They are playing all sorts of sports, driving different vehicles, and participating in a multitude of activities to keep a young minds imagination in awe for hours on end.

Some of the collectibles talk when a certain button is pushed; for example, Blue says “Hey, Who turned out the light” on a desk lamp. This always cracks the little ones up.  They laugh with glee from the comic things Yellow says as he hangs upside down as the pendulum on a cuckoo clock and boy do they just love the things Red says when he come out of the alarm clock to wake you up! Actually, this is so darned annoying I can’t imagine using it to wake up; but the young ones really get a kick out of it.

Of course the little ones never leave Papa’s House without having sampled a few candy coated chocolate treats!

I’m really glad they enjoy it because someday it will all be theirs to pass down to their children and grandchildren; and all this happiness because one little girl wanted to buy Daddy a Christmas present!

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Guy Sharwood said...

Gotta love those M and M's! Remember when it was just plain and peanut? Come to think of it, those are still the two I like best, although mint and peanut butter are way up there also!

@SnowyWestie said...

How can you resist anything M&M? Well, Kyle Busch maybe.... Great post!

Anonymous said...

Great story, Paul.I love the M & M dudes and their collectables!!!

Pete Frecchio