Friday, October 26, 2012

A Dream About the Rolling Stones

By Guy Sharwood, Groovy Reflections Team Member

It could have been real life, I guess. I was only twelve and it was a typical overcast winter Saturday morning on my street, bicycling back and forth and around. But of course it was a dream since Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones were strolling down my street. 

The band actually had performed in my hometown a year and a half prior at our Ratcliffe Stadium, in fact just shortly before Satisfaction, soon to become their signature song, was released. 

But in my dream Mick and Keith are just nonchalantly strolling along down Terrace Avenue for whatever reason. So of course I cycled up to just chat with them.

Another thing indicating it had to be a dream was there wasn't a mass of teenage girls rushing out of their homes with scissors, cameras and autograph books, elbowing me away from their idols. And it's a safe bet they would have if this were real life. Long haired rock bands were "it" with the girls in my neighborhood, as they were with teen girls everywhere. The Stones were far from being an exception.

So in the dream I just chat with the two guys like I'd known them for years and they were old buds. No "Gosh, I idolize you guys, wish I were old enough to be in your band, your songs are the bomb." None of that. Mostly it was Mick and me talking. Keith just kind of kept his eyes on the sidewalk, lost in thought. 

I made some kind of suggestion to Mick about something the Stones could try in the near future. Mick thinks about it, but just as I'm articulating the suggestion, I realize it's kind of a dumb idea. But Mick decides that he likes it.

So for the remainder of the dream I'm trying to talk him out of it, but the more I try to discourage Mick, the more enthusiastic he gets about it. "Yeah, your idea's really good. I think we'll give it a go." I must have eventually thought; whatever. This is all I remember of the dream, but it's stuck in my mind for years.

For the life of me I can't even imagine what the idea even was. But the bottom line is that the Stones have managed for decades without it!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe perform at the Super Bowl when you're 60-something? Fun dream!!