Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Me?

By Paul Dugan, Groovy Reflections Team Member

When I was but a wee lad the world was such a wonderful place! I had it made, being the youngest child and as such was Mom’s spoiled brat. Not that I was ever a brat mind you.

I had an older brother and sister that went to something called school but since I was only four I didn’t have to go; so the days were all mine and Mom’s. Sometimes I’d help with baking. Most of my “help” consisted of licking the icing off the mixer blades. Tried my hardest to get them clean enough so Mom wouldn’t have to wash them but I must have missed spots ‘cause she always did.

I also got to watch television with no big brother or sister to change the channel on me. I watched Howdy Doody and wished I could be in the Peanut Gallery. Tried my hardest to be a Good Do Bee so Miss Nancy would look through her magic mirror and see me, but she never did!

Mom and I used to go picking evergreens for making wreaths. She’d sell the wreaths for extra Christmas money. This I never understood. Why did she need extra money for Christmas; wasn’t that Santa’s problem?

We’d fill paper grocery sacks with fresh evergreens that would shoot up in the woods under the larger trees. Well, Mom did; I’d get maybe half a sack. After an entire morning out in the woods there was usually a treat, like an ice cream.

Life was good. Then one day Mom said these horrible words: “You’re going to have a new brother or sister.” Nooooooooo! We don’t need one! In fact we got a couple too many now! She assured me that she would still love me just as much and we’d still do things together. I asked if we had to get one, could I pick it out? Apparently it’s different than kittens.

As luck would have it Mom picked out a girl! Whyyyyyyyyy! They’re no fun. I won’t even be able to steal her toys! Well, I could but why would I? She’d have dolls and girl junk!

Sure enough the baby came and Mom still loved me, but the doing stuff together thing? Sure, if she wasn’t too tired after feeding the baby and burping the baby and changing the baby….woah! Changing? You could change them! Wow, gotta see what Mom’s gonna change her into. “Mom, what are you changing…oh Gross! Mom! Phew!” So THAT’S what change means; did not need to know that.

Anyway things, while still not ideal, were pretty good. I still did things with Mom, just not as much.

Then came that fateful day when the other shoe dropped. Mom woke me early and said “Get up and get dressed for school.” Whaaaaaaat? Me? School? What happened to me and you Mom?

“I don’t want to go!” I think those were my last words as the doors to that big yellow bus closed on me and tore me from the only life I’d ever known.

I was going to get educated whether I liked it or not. Who knows, I might even amount to something someday! My bus drove down the street, and with tears in my eyes I looked back and saw little sis waving bye bye to me. The smile on her face said it ALL; there’s a new youngest child in town!

As I look back I realize one thing. Mom loved all us kids and she put me on that bus so I would get an education and eventually make her proud. I hope I have, but there’s one thing Mom couldn’t do and that is …..make me grow up!

Gotta go now. Popeye is on!

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Tim Armstrong said...

Thanks for sharing some great memories Paul. It takes me back to a time I cherished as well.

Anonymous said...

Love it! As a middle child, never had that magic moment of being an only child for even a day. Your memories are wonderful!