Monday, March 26, 2012

If You Could Go Back to the 60’s …Part Two

By Groovy Reflections Team Members, Pete, Maria, and Guy

For part one, click here.

Time to hear from the rest of the team, and then we have a special surprise, for you.
Pete: I would want my time machine to take me back to January, 1961 and let me have a front row seat to the greatest historical event in rock and roll history - the birth of the Beatles and the British Invasion.

I'd want to follow the fab four to Germany as they played the hot clubs of Hamburg. Then I would ride along with the "boys" as they returned to Liverpool and played their gigs in the local club scene there including their legendary gigs at the Cavern Club. 

I'd be there when they first hooked up with Manager Brian Epstein, signing with EMI/Parlophone and their first encounters with producer George Martin. I'd be at the London Palladium in late 1963 when John told the rich folk in the audience to just "rattle yer jewelry!" 

As the Beatles made their way across the Atlantic to America and the beginning of full blown international Beatlemania, I would spend my time travelling the English countryside "discovering" the sounds of the Rolling Stones, the Dave Clark Five, Herman's Hermits, Gerry and the Pacemakers and so many others. I would be there as London became the fashion mecca of the world. And I would buy up as many collectables as my time machine would allow me to take as I made my way back to 2012. Alas, I would die a very happy man!!

Maria: I was born in 1969 and very much cherish that year because it was the year of “Woodstock”. I would have loved to be old enough to be there and enjoy the music. I watch videos today and it just emanates peace and caring from a group of people that don’t even know each other. 

Music consumes the soul, comforts the heart and maybe even makes us cry. But the general cause was there and the emotion of peace filled the air with the music of souls who were very insightful and they did it wholeheartedly without malice. I would have loved to be part of this amazing peace rally because I feel for the world and I see what these people had in their hearts and soul. 

Peace and love can happen and it was proven on those three days with 600,000 people in very close quarters. No one judged and no one hated. They were all there for one purpose: Peace and love. So if that many people could so love then in that time era, I don’t see why they couldn’t now. I wish you all peace love and light. Embrace the music and feel because you can.

Guy: They all sound appealing. As funny as this is going to sound, my least favorite would be Woodstock, mostly because there was so much rain while it was going on. My wife and I are both OK with rain as long as we don't have to be stuck out in it.

I chose The Summer of Love because of the novelty. All these artists I was already familiar with plus the new ones singing about peace and love. At the age of 13 I decided, and haven't wavered from that one iota since, that those were the things that were important in life. John Phillips and Scott McKenzie said it all with the song San Francisco. And I'd love to go to the Monterey Fair because as Art Garfunkel said, that was the "first one."

And the results from the GRoovy poll are:

Well over one-third of you wanted to hear GRoovy music and dance in the rain! Maybe this calls for Woodstock Fifty Years Past in 2019? Ah, but that can be another poll question some other time. Hope you enjoyed the trip back. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm with Guy. Went to Haight-Asbury in '69 - riots in the streets with protesters to the war and all kind of flower power going on. I was only 10, but tuned in to the events, courtesy of my parents. Wonder what they were doing there?